Chuggington Train Set

Chuggington Train SetThe Interactive All Around Chuggington Train Set is definitely a great gift to give. Young children (and maybe several adults in the house) will enjoy spending long hours of fun play with this toy.

Based on a series aimed at children from ages 2 to 5, it is not only fun to watch, but also teaches your kids values and life lessons such as responsibility, bravery, true friendship.

I love how everything in this set is completely interactive. This is because it uses SmartTalk technology that features over 300 different sounds and phrases. The technology also allows the trains to know where they are on the track and which other trains are close by. This will surely add a new dimension into your child’s play.

One thing you need to know though. Because it’s over 135 cm wide when fully assembled, you may need to make some space before you set it all up. On the plus side, all that assembly takes less time than you’d think to complete.

The interactive all around chuggington train set, unlike other train sets, has a lot of tracks. I particularly like the fact that it also does not just run flat on the ground but can travel up a hill and down, so you can really go to town with your designs.


If this is a must have gift, order now to avoid disappointment and be aware that Burman (the top seller on Amazon) have a great 4.7 out of 5 satisfaction score from buyers.


What is included in the Chuggington Train Set?

The set comes with everything you see on the series: The Roundhouse, The Loading Yard, The Platform, a Cargo Car that includes cargo.

Other chuggers and extra stops can also be bought individually. What’s great about this is that even though these extras are bought separately, they will automatically interact with the set completely like the rest of the stops.

The Chuggington train set is pretty heavy on batteries, so make sure that you stock up before Christmas arrives. However, this is one present that truly “does include batteries” – so although each train takes two batteries and the main set needs extras, you have enough to get going straight away.

What is worth mentioning though, is that it has an energy saving feature built in, so that, after 5 minutes of no play, each of the pieces individually shuts off and this does help to make those precious batteries last.

Summary of the features:

-       Uses SmartTalk technology:

a) Over 300 different words and phrases

b) Recognition among the trains and the set

-       Has a lot of tracks (not just one loop)

-       New elements can be added if you wish

-       Additional chuggers and stops automatically interact with the set and the trains

-       Built-in energy-saving feature

-       Trains speak with the original voices from the TV show


-       11 size AA batteries for the train set (included when you first purchase)

The only other thing I have noticed is that this set is being sold by other vendors on Amazon. I checked out Burman, who seem to come  up first and they have something like a score of 4.7 out of 5 for satisfaction from buyers. I know that Amazon have really cracked down on toy vendors this year, to make sure they are all proper businesses, so you can shop from these guys with confidence.

Make sure you get your Chuggington Train Set before the Christmas rush really hits.